Partnering with PEOPLEASE

As the only PEO in the blue and grey collar space with more than one workers’ compensation offering, we are uniquely positioned to provide customized solutions to your high risk clients. 

Our faster, more nimble submission process and competitive rates mean clients will continue to turn to you as their trusted resource.

We’ve outlined four key factors to a mutually beneficial partnership with PEOPLEASE.

Timing and preparation.

The most successful brokers present PEOPLEASE to clients 90 days before policy renewals. Some clients may not be familiar with the concept of a PEO and benefit from an explanation of how we differ from single-service providers.  We’ll help you introduce our suite of administrative, human resources, safety and risk, and financial services to position PEOPLEASE as a solution-focused partner, not just another workers’ compensation carrier. 

Simplified submission process.

Our new one step submission process gets faster responses.  We capture all information for both carriers on our simplified Request for Proposal.  Your clients supplement the RFP with their loss run documentation and payroll figures from recent years.  Once you submit those three pieces of information to your PEOPLEASE sales representative, we are usually able to generate a proposal within 48 hours – sometimes even faster!

Consultative approach.

Our unique sales process gives your clients the chance to interact with our team and ask specific questions before signing a contract.  It also relieves pressure on you to have all the answers.  We share our personalized solutions and pricing with your clients alongside you, either in person or through user-friendly web services.

Lifelong commission.

PEOPLEASE partners are thrilled with our generous commission structure.  We pay monthly commissions and reconcile them with our payroll so you receive timely, accurate payments each month.  Plus, commissions remain constant over the life the account.  With average lifespans exceeding eight years, a PEOPLEASE partnership brings exceptional value to your book of business.