Transportation Industry Challenges

In a time when uncertainty and changing regulations complicate the insurance arena, you want to stand out as a resource for your clients. 

That’s why we’re sharing the top 6 things keeping your transportation customers awake at night and how a partnership with PEOPLEASE can help you eliminate their worries.

1 – Driver Shortages

With the average truck driver age of 55 years and a dwindling pool of qualified candidates, America faces the largest driver shortage in decades.  Just 1 staffed truck is available for every 12 freight loads waiting to be shipped.  Trucking companies must now work harder than ever to attract and retain quality employees.

Your clients know who they want behind the wheel and our co-employment model grants them total hiring autonomy.  We help business owners hire with confidence and stay competitive with generous group benefits and ongoing human resources support, including:

  • Drug screens & background checks
  • Electronic onboarding
  • Online employee self-service
  • Employment & tax form submission
  • Direct deposit payroll with per diem options
  • Employee handbook consultation
  • Termination procedures
  • 401k plans
  • Disability & life insurance
  • Legal assistance & other competitive benefits

2 – Accidents

Damaged equipment, lost freight, injuries and even loss of life are realistic worries in such an accident-heavy industry.  An injured driver can’t deliver freight, cutting into an already slim bottom line.

PEOPLEASE safety team members make quarterly site visits to each company, focusing on education and prevention. Clients receive personalized consultations from our risk and safety experts boasting certifications from federal organizations and agencies including DOT, OSHA, USDA, FDA, SHRM, and NATMI.

Our pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation plans leave cash in clients’ pockets while protecting drivers in the unfortunate case of an accident. Employees receive immediate medical attention for work-related injuries with immediate 24/7 triage from anywhere in the country.

3 – Fraudulent Work Comp Claims

1 in 5 truckers will file a workers’ compensation claim.

25% of those claims are exaggerated or fraudulent.

Fraudulent claims cost businesses $7.2 billion each year.

As the only transportation PEO in the country with multiple carriers, PEOPLEASE offers unrivaled claims management.  An internal, dedicated team of claims managers investigates each claim, reducing fraud and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

4 – Fees and Fines

Transportation business owners face the possibility of more penalties, fines, and fees than almost any other industry.  In fact, 40% of all small business owners make payroll errors identified and fined by the IRS.

We allow our clients to focus on growing their businesses without the worry of a costly mistake.  Services provided by our safety team, payroll specialists, tax experts, and accounting team reduce the likelihood of profit-killing fines:

Safety & Risk

  • Company safety program evaluation & development
  • Audit preparation
  • Hazardous exposure assessment


  • 99.7% payroll accuracy
  • Garnishment disbursement
  • W2 and W3 generation & submission
  • Tax payment & remittance

5 – Costly Employee Litigation and Settlements

One employment lawsuit has the potential cripple even highly profitable trucking companies.  Settlement awards average over $125,000, which doesn’t include legal fees or court costs.  With our EPLI coverage, customers gain protection from the threat of litigation and settlements, including FMLA and unemployment lawsuits.

6 – Changing Employment and Labor Regulations

Insurance isn’t enough to quiet a business owners’ worry.  Clients need trusted advisors in an industry impacted by frequent regulatory changes and updates.  Our dedicated human resources specialists monitor and provide guidance about complicated employment, labor and compliance issues, like the recent independent contractor ruling in California.

Partnering with PEOPLEASE allows you to relieve client concerns with our high-value service and industry-specific knowledge.  More than just a workers’ compensation option, we bring personalized solutions backed by expert teams and professional certifications.  Complete our contact form today so we can become a resource for your clients.