Comprehensive PEO Solutions

We save transportation businesses across the country thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year by tackling administrative burdens, eliminating costly mistakes, and solving problems before they occur.

However, for some brokers, a PEO is an unfamiliar concept.  Professional Employer Organizations like PEOPLEASE service businesses and provide solutions through a co-employment model.  Our customers trust us as their dedicated experts for

  • Safety & risk management
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Payroll and financial administration
  • Legal & regulatory compliance
  • Human resources
  • Benefits administration

Peace of Mind

PEOPLEASE alleviates the burden of keeping up with changes in employment law, tax regulations, insurance mandates, and other areas of compliance.  We give clients peace of mind and confidence knowing they are not left alone to face the impact of legal and regulatory changes without guidance.

Industry Expertise

Founded by transportation industry leaders, we know the specific challenges facing today’s trucking and logistics businesses.  Our safety team’s 125 combined years of experience in risk mitigation, audit preparation, general and operational management as well as driving and operating trucks stands above that of any other PEO.

Taking an industry-specific approach to risk prevention, we analyze clients’ current safety practices and develop customized programs to reduce risk and prevent loss.

Complete Claims Management

Navigating workers’ compensation coverage and claims can be confusing, time consuming, and costly.  With no down payment, our pay-as-you-go model grants customers the freedom to maintain cash flow and invest in driving their businesses forward.

In the case of an accident, employees have 24/7 access to immediate injury triage.  Our dedicated claims managers investigate and handle claims quickly from beginning to end.  We investigate fraud, prevent loss, and ensure drivers receive excellent care to get back on the road quickly.

Alleviate Administrative Headaches

Our clients retain day-to-day control over their business operations and employee management while freeing themselves from the stress of payroll administration and financial management.

Because we have more certified payroll specialists than any other PEO in the country, we process payroll accurately and on time – every time.  Employees have 24/7 online access to pay stubs and tax records and receive their W2s from us.  As the employer of record, PEOPLEASE is responsible for the filing and remittance of all payroll tax obligations, a major headache for many small business owners.

PEOPLEASE is proud to offer personalized service and comprehensive solutions to transportation businesses across the country.  To find out more about working with PEOPLEASE, contact us today.