Employee Law Suits and How a PEO Can Help

Companies face a wide array of challenges in operating their business. One risk that many companies neglect to think about is employee law suits.

Compliance, Trucking & PEOPLEASE

Compliance is one of those rare phenomena that can actually make or break your organization, as was the case of JDJD Transportation just last year. In case you are unfamiliar with this case, the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) ordered them to cease operations immediately for several violations of safety regulations.

Driver Turnover: Best Practices

Whenever the trucking specialists at PEOPLEASE are discussing business pain points with a client, the majority of the time our clients claim driver turnover as one of their most troubling. Fact is, truck driver turnover has a multitude of origins, and sometimes a carefully crafted and personalized approach to addressing turnover needs be utilized so a trucking company can overcome the challenge of negative driver attrition.

Unemployment Benefits 101

It’s not a surprise that the unemployment benefits paid to jobless workers are financed through federal and state unemployment taxes paid by employers like you. You need to keep your tax rates as low as possible, and since your tax rate is directly affected by the number of your workers who collect benefits through your account, it is important to know which claims are protestable and how to navigate the process.